A chamber game is a short larp (live roleplaying game) which last for no longer than a few hours and which takes place in a compact area, maybe just one room. Compared to larger larps a chamber game is a type of larp which easily can be produced in different cities by other groups than the original organisers. The idea with this site is to make some chamber games readily available for larp organisers who would like to run such a game. Chamber games as a format is very well situated as a place where we can try new methods and experiment with form and content of what a larp can look like. The experiences we get from doing this can be relevant also to how larger larps can be organized and for developing larp as a form of expression, art and entertainment.

Chamber Games is an initiative by Tor Kjetil Edland, Arvid Falch, Erling Rognli and Even Tømte. The idea for publishing larp scenarios in a blog for others to use came after we made ‘New Voices in Art’, which is one of the games published here. To get in contact with us send an email to torkjetil {at} gmail {dot} com

The games posted in this blog are considered protected by the creative commons attribution-noncommercial 3.0 license. This means that you can freely use this material as long as it is for non-commercial purposes. Please check the link below for more detailed information. Even if the material is freely available we would like to be contacted if you decide to produce your version of any of these larps, as it is nice to know that the material is being used.

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