September 2007


Update: English and Czech translations added.

Club Felis

Club Felis is a game about cats partying at a nightclub. This is the cat’s very own nightclub and every week rough alley cats and posh “purebreds” mingle here and compete in the Cat of the Year competition (which is held every week). This is a playful and physical game which lasts for a few hours. The organizers should encourage the participants to find a body language which is somewhere inbetween cat and human. The game has so far not been translated to English. Please leave a message here or send us a mail if you are interested in hosting this game, and we’ll put you in contact with the creators of Club Felis.

Created by Martin Brodén, Ada Fredelius and Anna-Karin Linder

Original wepbage for Club Felis in Swedish

Norwegian version by Tor Kjetil Edland and Trine Lise Lindahl

English translation of Club Felis

Czech version by Court of Moravia


This is larp that requires minimal preparation from both the organisers and the players. This game put’s the focus firmly on improvisation as the core of larping. The setting is a family dinner with 13 guests around the table. The organisers only need to do three things:
1. Present the players with the name of their character.
2. Present the players with a family tree, showing the relation between characters.
3. Make enough food for the thirteen players.

Character backgrounds, personal relations and everything else are improvised from scrath. The organisers should convey to the players before the larp starts that for this method to work it is important that everyone strives to build upon each other’s play and try to avoid “blocking” play initiatives made by other players. Played like that this larp can create very interesting stories and play experiences.

Created by: Kristin Hammerås and Solveig Malvik

Family chart from the original Norwegian “13 til bords”

“13 atavola” – Italian version by Andrea Castellani
(updated version)